Rita Macedo


Rita Macedo is a filmmaker and video artist based in Berlin • Fascinated by the poetic affinity between moving images and fluxes of thought, Rita’s works often operate within the realm of documentary and speculative fiction, with a focus on meaning, memory and history • Her work has been shown at numerous festivals, amongst others at European Media Art Festival, Berwick Film and Media Art Festival, Shortfilm Festival Hamburg, IndieLisboa International Film Festival, Kasseler Dokfest, São Paulo International Short Film Festival, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, New Horizons International Film Festival, Curtas Vila do Conde, Encounters South Africa Documentary Film Festival • Since 2018 she works as an artistic collaborator at the Braunschweig University of Art.



Implausible Things #1

Film • 11′ 45″ • sound (ST) • EN w/ EN subtitles • 2012

The conception we have of ourselves and the world – and that of our relation to the world – appears, admittedly or not, to obey the stipulation that everything must have a cause or a reason to be as it is and not otherwise.

What if we reverse this perspective on things and admit an ilogical and irrational principle instead?

A principle based on the absence of reason, through which nothing would be impossible, not even the unthinkable.
Hyperchaos as primary absolute.

Implausible things #1 is the first volume of a serial that seeks to reflect upon human existence, the absurd, randomness and pure contingency.

Although this is a stand alone work, it came into existence as a premature study for Implausible things.

Written, directed and edited by Rita Macedo • Original soundtrack Yair Elazar Glotman, Rita Macedo • With the voices of Nigel Farrelly